Parenting Uganda

Building Purpose Driven Families

Teens & Youth

Every young person that walks through our doors is special. In a country where 70% of the population are youth we work with these young people to gain an understanding of their current stage of development.

Through workshops, camps, one on one counseling and support groups we address topics on career guidance, decision making, healthy sexuality, self esteem, managing peer pressure and substance abuse.


To be a leading, innovative and caring youth centered programme.


We strive develop holistic, enthusiastic, confident and creative, lifelong learners with integrity, within a caring and nurturing Christian environment.


We aim to create a drug-free society through sensitizing youth about drugs.


  • Managing and administering youth and community projects and resources
  • Assessing the needs of young people
  • Planning and delivering programs related to areas such as health, fitness, smoking, drugs, violence and relationships
  • Planning and running art based activities, out door and sports activities
  • Befriending and supporting individuals in various settings like outreach, coaching, counseling individuals to facilitate personal social and educational growth
  • Conducting regular training and development opportunities to offer skills and knowledge
  • Recruiting and managing staff and volunteers plus assessing performance
  • Setting up and maintaining annual program plans and budgets
  • Resource mobilization through fundraising and proposal writing
  • Report writing and financial accountability, document keeping
  • Website management
  • Conducting devotions and music lessons


Our Methods

  • Outreaches in schools and institutions
  • Seminars and conferences
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Community projects
  • Sports
  • Camps