Research tells us that a child’s first six years are the most important for lifelong learning success. At Parenting Uganda, we provide our children with the best care and the best inquiry-based, internationally-minded early education, so that they can become their generation’s best artists, creators, thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders.

Our two campuses in Kampala and Mbarara represent an inspiring and robust age-appropriate venue for nursery, pre-K, and kindergarten-aged children.

We help establish and manage education facilities, training centers, and other educational services for parents and children. We promote good parenting skills for the improvement of family unity. We empower parents and children to address socio economic issues through innovative income generation projects. We are building a parenting resource hub which will be a one stop center with parenting information, OVC service providers and counseling services, to build the capacity of child and parenting focused institutions.

Our mission

Strengthening families with Information, Education and Support.

Our objectives

  1. To set up Educational/ Training facilities that offer education and information.
  2. To promote good parenting skills for the improvement of the family unit.
  3. To empower parents and children address socio economic issues by innovating solutions to their challenges.
  4. To create a web based National information hub for parents,children and other stake holders.

Our services

  1. Early childhood Development Programme for Daycare and kindergarten services.(day care services from Age (9) nine months to (2) two and half years.
  2. Kindergarten services, 3-5 years.
  3. Youth and Teenage training programmes for adolescent Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDs, career guidance and life skills training.
  4. Skillful parenting training for; young parents, to be parents and single parents.

Our early childhood education centre is a fully accredited and comprehensive program through which we minister Christian-based care to the children and support parents in the care and nurturing of their families.

Through quality early childhood education, we are building a strong foundation for spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Children are stimulated through music, arts, plays, games, reading, and writing in a caring and safe environment with new things to master and explore to enable the development of the whole child. The centres include infant care, preschool care, kindergarten, and after-school programs.