We are building a resource centre addressing the informational and service needs for parents, children and organizations in the region. Materials include multimedia resources- audio and video, website resources, parenting kits, family legal and health care services,OVC resources as well as local media talk shows.

Child Focused Workshops
-Role of food and nutrition in child development
-Common diseases, injuries and their prevention
-Developmental stages of children
-Disability in young children
-Coping with the loss of a parent
-Positive discipline for children
-Step parenting and mixed families
-Prevention of child abuse
-Child Rights

We work with parents and caregivers in their unique situations, family types, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.
Our team uses proven techniques and class instruction to enable caregivers raise and nurture their families purposefully.
Workshops are offered at the center in addition to individual and group counselling. We encourage and equip parents with practical,
biblical answers that will help their families survive and thrive. Our parenting philosophy is purpose driven and God honoring rather
than parenting by circumstance and chance.