1 Month

  • Able to raise head from surface while lying on tummy.
  • Pays attention to some ones face in his or her direct line of vision.
  • Moves arms and legs in an energytic manner.
  • Likes to be held rocked.

2 Months

  • Smiles and coos.
  • Rolls part way to side when lying on back.
  • Grunts and sighs.

3 Months

  • Eyes follow a moving object.
  • Able to hold head erect.
  • Grasps when placed in hand.
  • Babbles.

4 Months

  • Holds a rattle for an extended period of time.
  • Laughs out loud.
  • Sits supported for short periods of time.
  • Recognizes bottle and familiar faces.

5 Months

  • Reaches for and holds objects.
  • Stands firmly when held.
  • Stretches out arms to be picked.
  • Likes to play peek-a-boo

6 Months

  • Turns over from back to stomach.
  • Turns towards sound.
  • Sits with a little support (one hand bracing him or her).
  • Persistently reaches for objects out of reach.
  • Listens to own voice.
  • Crawls and squeals.
  • Reaches for and grasps and brings them to mouth.
  • Holds, sucks, bites,cookie or cracker- begins chewing.

7 Months

  • Can transfer objects from one hand to another.
  • Can sit for a few minutes without support.
  • Pats and smiles at own image in mirror.
  • Creeps(pulls body forward with arms and leg kicks).
  • Is shy at first with strangers.

8 Months

  • Can sit steadily for about five minutes.
  • Crawls (on hands and knees).
  • Grasps things with thumb and first two fingers.
  • Likes to be near parents.

9 Months

  • Says ma- ma or da-da.
  • Responds to his or her name.
  • Can stand for a short time while holding onto support.
  • Able to hit two objects together.
  • Mimics sounds.

10 Months

  • Able to pull self up at side of creep or play pen.
  • Can drink from a cup when helped.

11 Months

  • Can walk while holding onto furniture.
  • Can find an object placed under another object.

12 Months

  • Waves bye- bye.
  • Can walk with one hand held.
  • Says two words besides ma-ma or da-da.
  • Enjoys some solid foods.
  • Finger feeds self.
  • Likes to an audience.

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