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Parenting UgandaParenting Uganda is a Not for profit Organization that has been established to address challenges faced by families in Uganda. It is also dedicated to helping families thrive and live a purpose driven life. We reach out to both parents, caregivers and children to ensure that they have the skills and resources they need to succeed. Our centre has proudly been in operation and continues to provide a high standard of care and education for children aged 9 months to five years. This owner-operated centre is located in a residential street (off the main road) with a residence to the front of the property and the recently renovated purpose built centre to the rear providing a safe and sheltered environment. The centre is fully equipped with appropriate climbing equipment, designated interest areas, resources and toys that are stimulating for the children. The centre is surrounded by allergy friendly trees, beautiful gardens and shaded areas in a specially designed home-like caring environment. At parenting Uganda,we pride ourselves on being professional, nurturing, happy,educational, friendly, clean, challenging and most of all… FUN!.

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Our Approach to Education

Child learningThe Montessori environment is a “prepared” environment. The teachers and staff create an environment for the child best suited for their growth and development. The materials for such a growth is carefully selected and presented to the child so as to boost their emotional, social and cognitive development. The supervision of a trained teacher helps the child learn through these materials, assist them in their concentration and self discipline, motivates them to explore and invent and promotes the love for learning. We help children to learn through hands-on learning experience in a multi-age setting. We are committed to a positive progress in each child’s individual development. Our teachers are our assets. Guidance under experienced and trained teacher provides the student with complete care.

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